Science-based Strategy

What's for dinner?

Sounds like an easy question, right? But with all the conflicting and confusing advice out there about how to eat, move, and live, it’s hard to know how to answer that question in a healthy way.
Not a day goes by without a headline proclaiming this superfood or that disease risk. Yet in spite of the growing body of information about health and wellness, Americans are getting sicker and dying earlier every year.   
But that doesn’t have to be you. With knowledge and guidance, you can create a lifestyle that makes you look and feel great, increases your energy, and keeps your body fit and healthy.
As a scientist, I have spent 20+ years digging through scientific research and interpreting and applying the results. I have the background and training to filter the noise and identify what works. As a health coach, I take an evolutionary or ‘paleo’ approach to health and wellness. I will help you understand and apply the diet and lifestyle that allowed humans to evolve and thrive for hundreds of thousands of years.

My approach

After assessing your unique health history and goals, we will work together to create a personalized plan that promotes deep and lasting wellness for you by: 
* Eliminating the foods that cause inflammation and disease, including processed sugars, oils, and grains 
* Creating a diet based on whole, natural foods, including healthy fats, and nutrient-dense animal products, vegetables, and fruits, to nourish your body and promote lasting health
* Using cutting-edge practices such as the keto diet and fasting to burn fat effortlessly and unlock your body’s innate regenerative abilities
* Adding herbs and supplements as needed, to activate natural healing pathways
* Developing a custom plan of movement, sleep, and stress management for lasting health and energy.  
Using these cutting-edge strategies, we can shift your biochemistry to burn fat, promote deep healing, and unlock your potential to prevent disease and reverse the impacts of aging. 
Warning: I may give you advice that contradicts what you have been told about health for most of your life. The fact is, much of the ‘conventional wisdom’ in this area is simply wrong and has no scientific support. It’s time to reject these so-called truths for an approach that is based on solid evidence and proven to work.

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