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Hi, I’m Dani Meitiv. I’m a scientist, mother, & health coach who is passionate about helping women & men in their 40’s & achieve their best health, no matter what challenges they’ve struggled with in the past.

I’m not your typical health coach. My second grade teacher called me an iconoclast and not much has changed since then. I’m not afraid to challenge the experts and reject ‘conventional wisdom’ when science and common sense clearly point in a different direction.
My mother was diagnosed with cancer at 44 & died at 64. Her sister & mother both died at 43.
My family has a history of autoimmunity, cancer, and early death, especially the women. I feared this legacy, so at 14, I became a vegetarian. At the time, I thought giving up animal products was the way to be “healthy.” In spite of this, my health started to decline in my 20’s, and I was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac disease. It wasn’t until I adopted a Primal or ‘paleo’ diet and added animal products back into my diet (after more than 23 years as a vegetarian!) that I began to recover. When I reached my 40’s, I added science-based strategies like the keto diet and intermittent fasting into my lifestyle to lose weight, prevent disease, and maintain my health during midlife and perimenopause.

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